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About Us

Halcyon Medical Centre, the brainchild of Dr. Osman Bashir Tahir is a modern and hygienic clinic at the heart of Lahore, located at Main Boulevard Gulberg and DHA. We have been providing one stop advanced medical solution to all health, wellness and beauty worries by Medical Consultants and Specialists Since 2001. We have an A-list clientele consisting of Celebrities, Politicians, Models and frequently receive patients from UK, Dubai, USA and Europe who returns back with transformed lives. Our Medical Centre offers dermatology, plastic surgery, cosmetic and clinical dentistry, permanent makeup, laser, hair transplant, life coaching, physiotherapy, chiropractic and variety of others medical and aesthetic services.

Whenever I see Dr. Osman ,I envision the entrepreneurs like Aga Hasan Abdi ,Mr Bashir Tahir,who incepted & executed a billion dollar business from scratch by mere honesty hardwork & passion for work.Sure Dr Osman shall follow suit … It is my honor to recommend Dr Osman.”
Dr. Azfar Malik
Manager Claims / Adamjee Insurance
Dr. Osman Bashir is by far one of my favorite surgeons who I have had the privilege to work with. He has loads of energy and is always looking to improve himself and the others around him. Dr. Osman is all about bringing people up to a higher level and working together to achieve a common goal that benefits everyone. His surgical skills are excellent and every time I work with him it is obvious he his skills have improved immensely.
Asti Alexandria
Founder / Physique Tea and Dynamx
Thank you for your professionalism at all times. The Service, atmosphere and ambience at Halcyon Medical centre is always top notch and of high standards. Staff and team Never fail to please us in anyway. Myself and my family are very regular and loyal clients of Doc OBT and for us he’s the best Doc around in this field. His warm nature, charming personality and experience is beyond words and perfection. From products to procedures, everything is explained in detail and our satisfaction is always guaranteed to the optimum level. Laser treatment and skin treatment/facials are the best. With great promotions/discounts available often, it’s affordable and good value for money as Doc provides his outstanding expertise to us in each and every way to give us desiring results . Heartiest thanks to Dr. Osman Bashir Tahir for being an excellent doctor in this complex field and for bringing Halcyon medical centre to Lahore. We appreciate and admire his hard work and absolutely enjoy coming to a state of the art clinic like Halcyon !! Keep up
Naveeda Habib
I had a wonderful experience with Dr OBT! I went through a Veso Lipo by experienced and skilled Dr OBT and his staff. I came from Interior Sindh as to get the full professional standards and satisfaction. Well Done Dr OBT and his team!!!!
Kiran Shahzad Shah
“Dr. Osman Bashir has great leadership and managerial capabilities. As CEO, his relationships with the entire team of Al-Razi Healthcare were cordial. I enjoyed working with him.”
Dr. Muhammad Ayub
Consultant Cardiovascular Computed Tomography / Al-Razi Healthcare
“Having worked as Manager Marketing for Dr. Osman -CEO Al Razi Healthcare, I found him as a very focus and vision-oriented person having the unique capability to articulate it to his colleagues.His openness to others’ ideas and a very relevant feedback to them, surely makes him more than just a doctor (medicine). I thank him for giving me the opportunity to learn from his perfectionist personality and wish him all the best in taking Al Razi Healthcare to the place he envisions.”
Asad Mahmood
CEO/Co-Founder / Appricot Studio
Bestest treatments and skin care products! I have extremely sensitive skin and I cannot apply any cream to my face. I tried Dr.OBT’s skin lightening cream. I can say it is one of the best skin care products. It causes No burning/itching. Very light in texture, very hydrating. And give results not in months or weeks, but in days. Visible reduction in dark spots and acne scars. Loved it!
Ume Farwa
“Dr Osman is too kind and skilled person. I really appreciated to work with him.”
Dr. Muhammad Fiaz
Dr. Muhammad Fiaz Radiologist / Al-Razi Healthcare
Some people are destined for greatness as they say and I have no doubt that Dr Osman Bashir is one of them. Having recently consulted with Al Razi Healthcare in Lahore, my entire outlook and perception on the healthcare system in pakistan has changed. Al razi has adapted the latest facilities, world class doctors, personnel and above all the service they provide is exceptional. The credit goes to the leadership of Osman and his team. Special mention must goto the attention to hygiene which is formidable. On a personal level, Dr Osman is a highly trustworthy, reliable, jovial and classy gentleman. All the best for the future.”
Mubashir Malik
Societe Generale Corporate and Investment Banking (SGCIB) / Group Compliance Training Manager
Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon
Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon
Medical Specialist and Women Wellness Expert